a.k.a The OX

In Chinese astrology, hard working and persistent are the hallmark traits of the OX. This is true to be said of Larry, the business and customer interfacing side of the OXDOG organization. He’s the first guy you meet, the one thats their late at night before a launch and the the guy you call three months down the road when you can’t remember how to update your company profile.

More than just the steadfast dependable OX, Larry possesses a robust creative side and strong curious drive. He’s that guy you want investigating the validity of that new technology, the guy who hunts down the chink in the machine thats making things go all wonky and the person that helps you understand your goals are totally attainable and within reach.

His experience and balanced nature offer him the skills needed to work seamlessly between creatives, technical engineering types as well as marketing and legal while always being totally genuine and straightforward.





a.k.a The DOG

Vichai, the loyal DOG is the dynamic creative behind the OXDOG design style. He thrives on newness in design and is always innovating his design repertoire. His style can be described as simplistic and focused and is driven by an internal need to bring order and clarity to an otherwise chaotic world.

He is well versed in Corporate Branding and works both in print as well as electronic mediums. He has designed web banners, on-site signage and brochures for corporate events in addition to designing widescreen electronic canvases, speaker presentations, animations and video graphics.

Vichai has also developed his own unique illustrative style that is evident in many of the designs here at OXDOG and also show up in some of the many projects in his personal portfolio.